Communications Department


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Communications Department


Our Communications Department organises activities to help the general public understand what happens within the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) and the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). We also highlight key issues of interest to Asia and Europe.

Our Goal

Generate more awareness about the work of ASEF among the media and the general public.

Our Work

  1. Media Activities: We promote Asia-Europe networks and cooperation among mass media, and communicate initiatives by ASEF and ASEM. We also implement communication strategies for ASEF projects and events.

    Our projects:
    • ASEF Editors’ Roundtable: Meetings for editors in chief from Asia and Europe that take place at the sidelines of ASEM Summits.
    • ASEF Journalists’ Seminar: Meetings for young journalists to learn from each other's experience in reporting Asia-Europe current affairs.
  2. Management and Dissemination of Information: We make information on Asia-Europe relations easily accessible to the general public.

    Our project:
    • ASEM InfoBoard: the official information platform of the ASEM Process also highlights issues on Asia-Europe relations.
  3. External Communications: We increase ASEF visibility by organising public events. We also manage the ASEF websiteASEF eNewsletterASEF Annual Report and other information and publicity materials.

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