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CMM Summer School Visits ASEF

Published on 21 Jun 2019

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On 20 June 2019, ASEF received a delegation of students from the EU Centre's Summer School on Challenges to Multiculturalism & Multilateralism (#cmmsummerschool). The students paid a visit particularly to learn about decision-making practices and managing diversities in the EU and ASEAN regions.

Delegates were welcomed by ASEF Executive Director Ambassador Karsten WARNECKE, who shared his thoughts on Asia-Europe relations. 

The students, demonstrating keen interest in ASEF's approach to stimulating collaboration between Asia and Europe, responded by pitching various questions to Ambassador Warnecke and the ASEF staff.

The students also participated in a word cloud game, where 'Culture' was the most popular choice to the question of 'What connects Asia & Europe?'


After showcasing the variety of ASEF projects that facilitate Asia-Europe collaboration, the students were on their way again, en route to the International Conference on Cohesive Societies before preparing for the 2nd half of the summer school programme in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

About the #cmmsummerschool

The Jean Monnet Network on Challenges to Multiculturalism and Multilateralism in Europe and Southeast Asia – Policy Research and Debate (CMM Policy R&D) is a network comprising the EU Centre in Singapore (supported by NUS, NTU and SMU), Universitas Indonesia, University of Malaya and Maastricht University. The two broad research themes that the Network has chosen to focus on – Multiculturalism and Multilateralism, centre around the issue of managing diversities within societies in Europe and Southeast Asia, and between nations and regional organisations in the international society.

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