More than 1,300 teachers and 19,000 students from 44 ASEM countries have been part of the ASEF ClassNet Online Collaborations, which bring together every year over 100 Asian and European schools to collaborate through meaningful school and student activities.

Are you also interested in integrating ICT in the daily school curriculum? Then become part of the ASEF ClassNet teacher and student network, which invites secondary and high schools from 51 ASEM partner countries to inter-cultural exchanges and ICT school cooperations.

Take a look at the planned Online Collaborations for 2016, which tackle exciting topics ranging from science experiments, language systems, and software education to exotic hobbies or family histories in Asia and Europe. Each Online Collaboration covers about 6 months preparation and implementation time and the best 6 submissions compete for the ASEF ClassNet Awards at the next 13th ASEF Classroom Network Conference in November 2016 in Korea (tbc).