The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) launched a compilation of 20 guides on ‘Funding Opportunities for International Cultural Exchange in Asia’ at the ResArtis General Meeting on 28 October 2012, in Tokyo, Japan. The guides are part of an on-going initiative that provides one-stop up-to-date mobility-related information for artists at

Through these new guides, artists and cultural practitioners are now able to access information on different types of mobility funding within different artistic disciplines. The guides also include recommendations to address existing gaps, for example, the funding of less-frequently supported artistic disciplines  as well as reciprocal ‘two-way’ mobility schemes that promote cultural diversity.

The guides are organised in three sections: 

  1. 18 country guides that map opportunities in Asian member countries of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)
  1. A regional guide for Asian nationals looking for opportunities within Asia and internationally
  1. An international guide that covers opportunities for cultural professionals (of all nationalities) to come to Asia as well as for schemes for Asian nationals to undertake international exchange

The initiative was supported by the Arts Network AsiaKorea Arts Management Service, Japan Centre, Pacific Basin Arts Communications, and the Tokyo Performing Arts Market.

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