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The High-level Meeting on Risk Communication for Public Health Emergencies: Risk Communication Beyond the Country Borders will be held from 18-19 September in Bangkok, Thailand. The meeting is jointly hosted by ASEF, the Ministry of Public Health Thailand, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan. This year's meeting will bring the discussion on risk communication one step further by assessing how public health emergencies within a country can affect the international population.

This year's conference will focus on how best to communicate national health emergencies to the global public. This certainly means going beyond the basic requirements of the International Health Regulation (IHR 2005) to share information with WHO and other Member States. Nonetheless, how much time and effort should national health authorities devote to communicating with global audiences? Who do health authorities need to partner to reach these audiences? Moreover, how should they adapt their communication for them?

The 2-day programme will include panel discussions with experts from both the health sector and non-health sector, showing that this is not only a health issue but requires a multi-sectoral approach. The programme will also include an interactive simulation exercise for participants, where the participants will be grouped to analyse and work through a public health emergency at a mass-gathering event (international sporting event).

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